AIA 2016 in Philadelphia

AIA 2016 in Philadelphia was a success. Thanks to all who stopped by our booth and hopefully, learned something about our minimal windows® and minimal windows® 4+ systems. We brought the whole team out to be at the event and we all had a great time. Not only did we teach some customers about our product but we also learned about our customers needs as well as made some great connections in the industry. Next year the AIA show is in Orlando and we cannot wait! In the meantime enjoy some pictures of our booth and the show.  The booth features four 12ft x 5ft panels. One panel on each side is fixed while the others all slide. The system of the left is minimal windows® 4+, while the right is minimal windows®. Yes, there is a slight difference between the two systems. 4+ is generally for more heavy duty applications, having slightly bigger extrusions. the 4+ system is made for triple glazed glass, while minimal windows®  provides more slim profiles for both monolithic glass as well as double glazed glass. The massive 400-500lbs panels are still easy enough for a 5 year old to operate, as she did during the show.

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