Anti Reflective Glass

It’s ironic that too much light can obscure the view. The innovations of glass have made it one of the most useful materials. With its many uses, one in particular is display purpose. Whether case, store front or projected onto to show a movie, all can be facilitated with glass. A major issue with these installations is the existence of glare and reflections. These issues are problematic because they take away from the installations purpose. In this article we seek to explain ways to overcome glare and unwanted reflections.

The causes of glare and reflections are excess light. Living in South Florida we understand the problem of excess lighting very well, as most cars have windows with some sort of tint. Recently, we looked at a store front which had a TV, facing outward so that those who walked past the store could see a video clip. The owner noticed that the South Florida sun paired with the parked cars in the lot caused a very annoying glare and reflection that took away from the video he wanted to display.

Original Window Display

We compared two anti reflective products; Optiview, by Pilkington and Amiran anti reflective glass by Schott.  Below is a picture of the Amiran sample in place of the original window.  The following pictures below, we have Optiview anti reflective glass on the left and Amiran on the right. Which do you prefer?

Amrian Shott          Pilkington Optiview      

During a recent visit to Italy, we had the pleasure of seeing the Gucci museum in Firenze (Florence).  Aside from the obvious attractions, one thing that caught our eye was the use of glass and lighting. They controlled the lighting to eliminate practically all glare and reflections. This effective use of lighting makes glass appear crystal clear and unobstructed. Take a look at the picture below. On the left, the use of controlled lighting obscures the fact that the exhibit is behind a glass. On the right, the image is being projected onto a glass sheet, with no obstructive glare.

   photo 3                photo 2