Impact Rated Glass

Living in South Florida will quickly make you realize how powerful wind is. The great views and nice tempurature are well worth it for most to endure the potential yearly threat of hurricanes and tropical storms. With the yearly event of Hurricane Season, one must be prepared.  Traditionally, Floridians have resorted using wooden boards , aluminum coverings and shudders as hurricane resistant options.

Of course, wood coverings and aluminum shields may work, but they aren’t very aesthetically pleasing. The better looking alternative is impact rather glass. For both commercial and residential applications, impact rated glass protects not only from inclemate weather but theft. The anti theft property protects against potential intruders who may attempt to enter through a window.  In addition to the actual protection of impact rated glass, having them installed both raising the value of your home, and lowers most insurance rate.

Below is a perfect example of the elegance of impact rated glass for the home. Protection form the elements does not have to cost you the aesthetics of your home.